We Believe In The Gospel

Here are 10 basic statements of belief regarding our denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America:


  1. We believe that God acts out of love and grace and that ultimately it is love that changes people.
  2. We think that what truly matters in the life of faith is God’s choice of us and not our decision for God.
  3. We see God as both revealed and hidden.  The crucified Jesus reveals to us the heart of God.  Yet for us God remains a deep mystery.  We think we need to be a bit humble when it comes to making statements about what God is up to in the world.
  4. We believe that the ordinary world is where God meets us.  We think that God comes to us through means like water, bread and wine, and other people.  We get a little nervous when people think they have a direct pipeline to God.
  5. For us, the Bible is “living word.” It is an address from God that invites us into a deeper relationship with God.  We value it too much to think that it is infallible or without error.
  6. We think that Christians live in a both/and relationship with the world.  We don’t despise the secular realm, but we also don’t think that it is ultimate.  We welcome scientific study but don’t feel that life can be fully captured by scientific analysis.
  7. For us, the church is a creation of God, not the result of religious experiences or the actions of leaders.
  8. We believe that the church is a community of faith in which all have a role to play.  For us, all of us are ministers.
  9. We think that Christians of today are connected to Christians of every time and place.  We do certain things in worship and in church life because those things reflect our deep connection to those who have come before us.  We are people of tradition, but believe that changing and being changed is what our tradition is all about.
  10. We Lutherans believe that before God and in the presence of the crucified Jesus all of us are beggars.  We think that ultimately our worth and purpose in life come as gifts from God, not from anything we do.

For more information, please visit us and talk to the Pastor.  Or, please see this Confession of Faith of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which is part of our founding constitution. The ELCA accepts the following creeds as true declarations of the faith of this church:

What to Expect

  • What’s a service like?

We follow the liturgy of the church year as printed in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship book.  Holy Communion is celebrated at each and every service.  All are welcome at the Lord’s Table.

  • What’s the music like?

We worship out of the Evangelical Lutheran Worship book, using traditional hymns.  We are mostly accompanied by a pipe organ, but occasionally we are graced by our grand piano.

On the 4th Sunday of the month at the 11:00 a.m. service, we offer a more relaxed style of worship with different instruments like guitar and percussion.

  • How do people dress?

At Peace, we believe that worshiping together is far more important than what one wears to worship.  Come as you are comfortable.  If you prefer to dress up, dress up.  If jeans and a nice shirt are more your style, that’s alright too.  No one is looked down upon or turned away based on the clothes they are wearing.

  • What about my kids?

Children are very welcome at Peace and we understand that sometimes they get a little restless…and that’s ok.  We offer to parents of young ones a “Cry Room” located at the back of the sanctuary with a speaker system and a window into the Sanctuary so you can still participate in the service.  However, please know that we love to have young ones participate with you in the service.

  • Can I take communion?

YES!  All are welcome at the Lord’s Table.  This includes everyone – young & old, member & visitor.

  • How can I get connected?

Please sign the Guest Register when you are here so that we can include you on our mailing list.  If you are interested in learning more about Peace Lutheran Church, feel free to contact us by phone (269-637-4104) or by e-mail at information@peaceinsouthhaven.org.

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