Our Staff

To contact one of our staff members by e-mail, please click on one of the names that are blue.  Otherwise, please call (260) 637-4104.

Graeme Shields – Church Musician


Tami Brush – Director of Choirs


Linda Harness- Parish Nurse


Debra Berkey – Lay Ministry Coordinator


Dayla McMullen – Wedding Coordinator



Susan Yule – KID’S HOPE  Coordinator


Janet Gilbert  – Parish Administrator  



Brandie Rainey – Activity Coordinator for Children & Families



 Scott Mark – Sexton


  • 2017 Congregational Council & Officers
  • Randy Bartels
  • Laura Beckwith, Vice President
  • Jessica Fiedorowicz
  • Jeannie Gerling
  • Candy Gryga
  • Jan Jessup
  • Barb Konrad, Financial Secretary
  • Beth Kuhn, Secretary
  • Mark Wallace
  • Nancy Whaley, President
  • Karen Willming, Treasurer
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